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Techstern provides high quality Azure consulting services. We offer cloud-based enterprise-grade data modeling using azure analysis services. Microsoft Azure analytics is a completely managed Platform as a Service (PaaS), integrated with Azure data platform services.

  • Featured services compatible with SQL server analysis and supports partitions, row-level security, bidirectional relationships, and translations
  • Rapid development and expertly customizable
  • Sophisticated analytics solutions with secure data loading
  • Integration with azure active directory
  • Tabular model web design that has responsive and customizable features
  • Customized and upgradable scalability based on your needs
  • On-premise data gateway featured with migrating tabular models
  • Constantly evolving to supports the latest tools used by your clients
  • Secure with authentication, data security, and on-premises data sources
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Our Other Services -

Azure Consulting For Web Apps

Techstern offers platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to care for the infrastructure to run, scale all your apps and allow you to focus on your business. Azure App Service is a fully managed platform that is optimized for hosting websites and web applications.
We provide Azure consulting services to assist with the following applications:

  • Multiple languages with a pre-built API’s
  • Easily connected to cloud services
  • Highly secure and mission-critical application complying with ISO information security standards, SOC2 accounting standards, and PCI security standards.
  • Automatic scale on a global datacenter infrastructure.
  • Cost-efficient
  • Deploy app updates with built-in staging, roll-back, testing-in-production and performance testing capabilities.

Azure Consulting For Mobile Apps

Azure Mobile Apps is a collection of services that are frequently used together to develop modern cloud and web-based Apps. This includes web hosting, API hosting, and Mobile SDKs. Our Microsoft Windows Azure Mobile Services makes it simple to connect a scalable cloud backend to your client and mobile applications.
We provide consulting services to assist with the following:

  • Authentication
  • Storage of structured data (like a task list)
  • Storage of unstructured data (like photographs)
  • Push notifications
  • Invocation of Custom Code