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Fleet is an application that provides managers with an integrated tool for running a business and allows customers to use that very same tool to interact with the company. The result is a powerful communications tool. The goal of Fleet is to increase the operational effectiveness of small and medium enterprises, allowing them to focus on their core missions by removing administrative barriers and enabling better communications with their customers.

  • Fleet

    The purpose of the app approach is to shift the burden of data maintenance and organizational operations away from administrators and toward individual members to the greatest extent possible. This includes, for example, the ability for members to self-check-in to meetings and events, or to maintain their own profile and household network information.

  • Fleet

    Customization enablement allow organizations to release branded applications which their users are free to download. This provides the organizations with a level of technical credibility and perceived sophistication above and beyond the deployment of web solutions.


The idea was born. However, there were issues regarding the application development. The system required a payment gateway to be built.


Our clients hired us for further development of the mobile application to meet the requirements and to create a functional platform.

The challenge of developing a complete mobile application was accepted. Implementation of the latest tools and technologies were put forward to create the launching space, and Fleet was introduced to the market.

  1. The deployment of the jQuery mobile framework enabling the application to work across a range of different devices, operating systems and platforms
  2. Implemented the PHP and JAVA mobile application writing for the backend and frontend service provision
  3. The use of Android Studio with the features of production of native as well as manage codes
  4. The programming interface was developed to maximize the benefits of the application with the Amazon gateway services making it more secure and cost-effective
  5. Cloud computing with the Amazon database management.
  6. The attractive application UI design.
  7. We implemented Stripe as a framework for money transactions with the benefits of integration with the app. This offered a hassle-free environment and greater flexibility for recurring billing and can accept transactions from any country.
  8. Icon maintenance feature provided with the registration in the app,i.e., the organization can use its icon for their purpose without referring to the home page of the fleet app.


  1. The complete mobile application is processed to facilitate the customer with the intended achievement of the desired success.
  2. Responsive and interactive user experience with the latest features of virtual meeting attendance.
  3. Boosted internal strength and security design of the application.
  4. The card input method with the pre-customized feature of payment gateway makes the transaction easier.
  5. Provided the expected results.


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