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In today’s Netflix age, movies are easily accessed from the comfort of our own couches or even our beds. Yet even with this convenience, there is still an active audience that prefers heading to the theatre. It’s all in the experience. People go to movie theatres to enjoy the feature film but it’s much more than that. Cinemas offer an ambiance and atmosphere that simply cannot be recreated at home. To truly attract an audience, cinemas must ensure that the magic of the movies is felt from the moment they enter the box office.

Techstern has developed a box office Digital Signage Application to turn the cinema outing into a good entertainment package and deliver a great experience at every touchpoint with the customer. Right across your cinema complex – from the moment you enter, until the moment you exit – our digital signage application can be doing all at once. We have developed various templates that give to the experience off the details/movies at the auditorium and It all is maintained from the portal to the TV’s at the box office directly. We can create the new schedule of the movies that are played at box office. Our application can complete the theatre experience by keeping the mood and atmosphere within the theatre. If some new item has been added to the menu list at the concession stand, it can be done online. The application also allows you to display any promotional/special screening cinema wants to organize.


Client had an idea about the requirement and no technological solution for it. Also, this application runs all across a country in multiple locations and various devices. The main challenge was to manage the display in all the devices in all the locations.


We provided the client with both mobile and web based application. A portal was created for templates to publish which was developed on MVC, JQuery, entity framework etc. For displaying the template at the TV, we created an android application and all the app is maintained through the portal

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