Azure Consulting

Azure Consulting


Helping with all the Microsoft Azure requirements and Azure consulting from the access of assessments to the deployment. We at Techstern provide the results with successful implementation and enabling the variety of business needs and technical requirements. Microsoft Azure is an elastic cloud platform which provides enormous computing power to various businesses of diverse sizes thereby assuring you good performance with reduced cost. Techstern is one of the promising azure consultant which work closely with your business & create a bespoke plan for virtual machines, cloud projects, storage and back up or identity and access management.

We are proficiently skilled at improvising of the cloud architecture with latest solution of azure web applications, azure mobile applications and the azure analytics leading to the total transformation towards the universal cloud computing solutions

With the step by step implementation of the azure apps and the integration of your application right before you from the very initial innovative building, testing , deploying and maintaining all your intelligent application with the trust of Microsoft with seamless distribution and analysis across the cloud services.

With the comprehensiveness of security, privacy and transparency with hybrid cloud consistency from the application development, management and security, identity management and across the data platform with azure stack we provide the avoidance and detection of all the threats and successful mitigation relating you with the azure services.

Forming the whole high-quality apps with continuous innovative implementation we provide cross device experience in any platform as a range of operating system, programming script, frameworks, databases and devices.

Techstern services include the azure consulting services:

Why Azure Consulting?

  • Microsoft Azure delivers 99.95% uptime performance.
  • Microsoft Azure allows you to work with current language, framework, or tool to build applications.
  • Unlimited server and storage space.
  • With Microsoft Azure you can easily scale applications to any size.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery - Prevents data loss.
  • Content delivery network(CDN) lets you go global.
  • Business Intelligence capabilities provided by SQL Azure.
  • Plan your infrastructure for best utilization.
  • Lower TCO compared to on-premise deployment.
  • Faster time to market.
  • Reduce application/server management costs.
  • Dependable Data Centres.
  • Pay-as-you-go model.
  • Better insight with Big Data.

Techstern meet all your Microsoft Azure needs starting from initial review and planning to deployment. Our expertise will help you to meet your specific needs, Infrastructure services, virtual machines and network, Storage/SQL databases, Active Directory, Hadoop or even Azure's media streaming and CDN services.

Our Microsoft Azure Consultant Services

  • Assist migrating your assets/applications to the Cloud
  • Keep business critical apps on-premise and test migrate non- critical applications to stabilize processes on the Cloud
  • Define futuristic Cloud service models for transforming and migrating to the Cloud
  • Readiness Assessment based on various aspects to evaluate readiness to adopt Cloud services
  • Verify assets that are appropriate for Cloud migration and provide consultancy in identifying relevant Cloud services
  • Frame a value creating model for Cloud services, evaluate Cloud ROI, and choose platform
  • Define optimal use of Cloud technologies for best results
  • Define optimal strategies for developing Cloud based applications on Azure
  • Define optimal Cloud Storage for businesses
  • Define Database strategy and design making best use of SQL Azure

We will guide you through each area of Microsoft Azure to provide knowledge transfer around identity and access management, virtual machines, development, data storage and recovery and pricing as well as long-term Microsoft Azure managed services. We are one of the best among the other azure consultants present in India.

With the analytics and provision of the networking, storage, containers, databases, integration, security, privacy, identity, with continuous features of the monitoring, managing and intelligence.

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