Listing Nest

ListingNest is a reputed Real Estate organization that works with the goal to provide home buyers with access to the most up to date database of home for sale.


    This Section allows users to browse the properties listed with almost no effort while finding the actual location in the google map regardless of it being commercial or residential.


    Get the market statistics by specifying the location name. Sales Price, Sales Volume variation with years in a graphical representation.


Combining real estate with the technology required great transparency for both sellers and buyers with simple interactions in between. With the aim to create this transparency online the listing of the properties is essential for the provision to provide the details of the buyers and sellers respectively.

  1. The requirement of listing forms was lacking
  2. The information gathering assistance was not available
  3. A secure way to connect was required


The Techstern team understood the requirements and the features to be added and provided:

  1. The seamless synchronization between the total working model of the website.
  2. The collection of required information about the buyers and sellers through a well-designed form.
  3. Giving betterment of valuing customers by interacting through email service.
  4. Creating a glitch-free result
  5. Our professionals implemented the Bootstrap framework for the customizability of the website
  6. ASP.NET dynamic web development platform was incorporated
  7. The total site was made responsive with the JavaScript UI designing for front-end development


  1. All the requirements are interpreted to give accuracy to customer.
  2. Trusted website development.
  3. All the connection issues repaired to ensure simultaneous interactions were successful.
  4. Fully customizable and responsive website working with speed and security functions.
Listing Nest