Health Freaks’ started with an objective to make ‘best in class fitness facility’ accessible to people. The club intends to provide 3 basic milestones to its members: Help them achieve their fitness goals , to encourage them to hit the gym every single time they feel like quitting and intend to create an entertaining experience for its members.

  • Healthfreak

    Well Planned Information Architecture offering various information and resources to attract the target market interest.

  • Healthfreak

    A good responsive design which offers outstandingly smooth user experience to visitors regardless of the devices they are using.


The palm machine used by personal trainers was associated with MS Access for its database. So the main challenge was to retrieve data from MS Access to MySql server.

Also, All the data saved from last 3-4 years has various entries and the data needed to be transferred with all the entries properly aligned to their respective attributes.


The Web Portal was developed keeping the essence of a business live with no compromising factor on the performance, speed, cost-efficiency and growth potential at all.

Health freak