Web Applications And Portals Development

Web Applications and Portals


Techstern is positioned to deliver web application and portal solutions of wide variety of types, scope and complexity. And whatever the underlying scenario, we assure delivery of a dynamic experience to your customers, partners and employees which they are looking for.


Techstern provides the advantage of getting customized web application development as per your business need. We design and built web-based applications that are mobile friendly and allow you to have excellent web proximity. We have a team of most knowledgeable and intelligent web developers who are experts in web application development on different platforms like Php, .Net, C#, javascript, ASP.NET, Xamarin, HTML, Azure etc. No matter what is the screen size is, we develop web apps that can fit any screen size. Whether you need to build a completely new web app or want to re-modify your old web app with new advanced features, graphics and designs, we mold your need from creating a completely new extension to changing an existing feature to make it the way you thought it. We have the expertise in developing web applications and designing web applications.

At Techstern, Our web design team has a zeal for developing web applications and designing web applications from scratch. Even though working from a template – as many of our competitors do - would be cheaper and easier, it’s not what’s best for you.

Techstern excels in developing custom web applications that can interact with a business’s legacy systems to expand their life-cycle by years and you can get the features and aesthetics that fit in your company, and that your branding and marketing image is always being considered. Our expert engineers i.e. Java developers, Drupal developers, .NET developers etc. who work on different technologies, build applications that deploy both in house or on cloud. Our information websites are built on WordPress and are perfect for displaying business content, prices, newsletters, industry-specific functionality, suggest subscription memberships and more. We have our name popularized by developing supreme web applications for travel portals, e-commerce and e-learning software, CRM, business process automation and so on. All our applications development adhere to the latest in web standards and are known for their usability, quality, security and site management.


Portal as a business there must be no compromising on the performance, speed, cost-efficiency and growth potential of all. Techstern has the knowledge, skill set and experience which full fill to guarantee the delivery of a reliable solution to win the hearts, serve and retain your existing customers.

When the portal is the business, there is no compromising on the performance, cost-efficiency and growth potential of both. Techstern has the skillset and the experience required to guarantee delivery of a reliable solution to win, serve and retain your customers and to minimize the web portal development cost.

With taking the charge of delivery of a decent user experience we have built proficiency in speed, social dimensions and mobile-optimized workflow enabling features for particular device type.

Techstern gives outstanding azure management portal experiences optimized for complementarily, coherence for cross-device and ease of shifting.

We implement the full scope of portal features – often coming from different technologies, platforms and vendors – into integrated user experiences wrapping advanced content management, process automation and transactional capabilities.


  • Viable to solve all business needs.
  • Flexible to be supported in-house or on cloud.
  • Integrates with other software.
  • Quick turnaround and development time.
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Responsive designs.
  • Integration capability.
  • Scalability and performance.
  • Flexible portal architectures.
  • Fault tolerance.
  • Comfortable accommodation.
  • Business continuity.
  • 360° security.

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