Mobile Backend Services

Mobile Backend Services


At Techstern we make you connect to your customers wherever they are with mobile backend services (MBaaS). Our professionals create tailored experience based on your customer’s interests and behavior. As a result advantageous in context of reduction in time to market with cloud services, tools and develops designed for delivering mobile solutions. With the basic MBaaS offering, letting you store data securely, connect with social networks and the like our solutions also includes setting up data models, third party APIs, readymade modules, backend logic and deployment into the public cloud.

Techstern offers a complete end-to-end solution with its MBaaS platform and its cross platform app development tool, allowing customers to build, deploy and host on public, virtual private or private servers and also touts its robust analytics offering as a key draw, allowing customers to get an insight into user acquisition, retention, engagement and other metrics.


Mobile backend services gives an opportunity to target any device including iOS, Android and Windows and hence expanding your audience. Build once can be utilized for all platforms and reducing the cost and time with more customers.

Accelerate shipping time with MBaaS by finding and fixing bugs on any device before you release your app. Take advantage of thorough, automated testing with access to over 2,000 real devices in our cloud.

Embrace DevOps when building your mobile apps, and create reliable apps that your customers love. Use mobile backend as a service to distribute beta versions and collect real-time data that drives continuous improvement. Identify any churn issues with your mobile app and get feedback from customers that you can act on to increase usage and retention.

Improved application with robust building blocks.


  • Our mobile backend integrations makes the mobile meaningful
  • Ensures flexibility with functionality and beauty.
  • We deliver streamlined connections for more connected users
  • We have wide range of mobility requirements
  • Secure with identity management
  • Includes analytics

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