Infrastructure and App Integration

Infrastructure and AppIntegration


Techstern’s infrastructure management services equip a customer’s business with round-the-clock support. Our comprehensive portfolio of services gives customers the ability to reduce their cost and improve services levels. Techstern masters the ability to cut down the infrastructure maintenance costs and expand its expert skills to you without the expense of retaining those skills in house.

Techstern aims to provide an efficient and flexible infrastructure management to integrate multiple applications and multiple solutions at multiple levels and locations. We implement the best practice methodologies, integrate all the processes and deliver the best proven model globally.

We have years of expertise skills in web platform consulting services and their configuration to ensure the cost effectiveness of your application and scalable platforms. Our professionals have the complete solutions for your web development issues so that you can focus on running of your business without worrying about the infrastructure and management.


Techstern takes the challenge to expose the existing the infrastructure to the mobile delivery channel with the great speed and also minimizes the changes in back-end infrastructure. The new "Mobile App" paradigm involves the delivery of dynamic content using HTTP and AJAX, with communication taking the form of JSON data being passed over HTTP using REST services,and hence now you achieve to present your traditional business model to entire devices and demographics rapidly.

The way we choose to create the web application provides you a mediation layer between SOAP/XML web services and REST applications with great mechanism and significant value. Without exposing your internal object model to your external customers we can easily coordinate all the sophisticated composite applications from multiple back-end services. Your application integration challenge of your infrastructure becomes an opportunity for us to deliver our reliable and robust services which can treat your new customers and can retain the existing ones.