Microsoft Azure Stream And Data Analytics

Azure Analytics


Techstern provides enterprise- grade data modeling in the cloud using azure analysis services. Microsoft azure analytics is a fully managed platform as a service (PaaS), integrated with Azure data platform services. Microsoft azure analytics offers a variety of data services for relational, schema-free NoSQL and streaming for your applications. It gives out a platform where you can get integrated data from multiple sources, defined metrics and get your data secured in a single, trusted semantic data model in order to provide your customers to browse massive amounts of data with applications like Power BI, Excel, Reporting Services, third-party, and custom apps. We provide you azure analysis services with enterprise-grade BI semantic modeling with a scale, flexibility and management benefits of the cloud with the transformation of complex data into actionable insights. We build our azure analysis services on the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Azure Stream Analytics , is an Azure Service that enables real-time insights over streaming data from devices, sensors, infrastructure, and applications and helps in maintaining azure data analytics.


Our professional provide you services compatible with many features (SQL server analysis) and supports partitions, row-level security, bidirectional relationships , and translations. These offer you rapid development and are proficiently customizable.

We built sophisticated analytics solutions with secure loading of data with azure data factory and access to your critical data in integration with azure active directory. Making it faster and better than ever before.

With the provision of server we provide you templates when deployed can do multiple services with other components such as storage accounts and azure functions. Our skillset gives a tabular model with the web designing features totally responsive and customizable.

Differently scalable according to your requirement and are upgradable to higher tier with the total control on plans with pricing calculators.

An on-premise data gateway featured with migrating tabular models.

Supports all the latest tools your clients use.

Secure with authentication, data security and On-premises data sources.


  • DATA LAKE ANALYSIS: Easily develop and run massively parallel data transformation and processing programmes in U-SQL, R, Python and .NET over petabytes of data. With no infrastructure to manage, you can process data on demand, scale instantly and only pay per job.
  • TEXT ANALYSIS:This document describes how to onboard your service or application to use the Text Analytics APIs. You can use these APIs to detect sentiment, key phrases, topics, and language from your text.For these tasks, you need an editor and call the RESTful endpoints in your language of choice.
  • STREAM ANALYSIS: Easily develop and run massively parallel real-time analytics on multiple IoT or non-IoT streams of data using simple SQL like language. Use custom code for advanced scenarios. With no infrastructure to manage, you can process data on-demand, scale instantly and only pay per job.
  • Start in seconds, scale instantly and pay per job.
  • Develop massively parallel programs with simplicity.
  • Debug and optimize your big data programs with ease.
  • Virtualize your analytics.
  • Enterprise-grade security, auditing and support.

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