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Showing Gratitude


We thank Healthfreaks for giving us the opportunity to provide an online platform to their Internal Gym Management System. Now we would be holding the responsibility of getting the visualization of all the dreams to get the spreading the fitness all over fitness all over and to let the people get it in the right way.

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Selected interns through placement drive


We have selected 10 new minds from the department of Information and Technology for our company to innovate the digital marketing scenario.Making the new and better out of the experienced and existing, getting the new interns selected through the placement drive of XISS(Ranchi).

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Project Completion Announcement


We are pleased to inform the betterment of the education industry by the successful making of client’s application named Technokids used worldwide by the most reputed schools.

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Accomplishment Announcement


Techstern Solutions is pleased to announce the successful engineering and delivering of the application “FLEET by Mast” as a result of aggregate responsibility, continuous hardship and total commitment.

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Celebrating 71st Independence Day


Techstern Solution was gripped with patriotic fervour as the country gears up to celebrate its 71st Independence Day.

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Congratulation on your Year of service


Celebrating an employee’s anniversary or their milestone in the company are those achievement and special occasion that create a positive environment and encourage employee commitment towards their jobs.

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Welcome Announcement


Techstern Solutions is pleased to announce that we have filled our open positions of Software Analyst and Business Analyst. Tausif Neazi and Sonika Kumari joined us as Software Analyst and Business Analyst respectively on 24th July 2017.

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Recruitment event


Techstern Solution has conducted walk-in-interview for the positions of Software Analyst and Business Analyst on 21st July 2017.

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