What I’ve Learned From My First Month at a Startup

What I’ve Learned From My First Month at a Startup

What I’ve Learned From My First Month at a Startup

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My first week at Techstern Solutions was dedicated in understanding the project that I was assigned and in my very first job I was given the role of project coordinator and manager. I started learning the things on a quicker note started from understanding the project and maintaining and creating the estimation and taking the follow up with my developers on where we are on the project, are we running out of the time or the project is running on time, what are the difficulties or issues we are facing, working on new requirements etc. I spoke to the founders and developers and testers. I wanted to hear the company story as they see it, and get different perspectives from different people. I think I ended up with the same conclusion that it is the best place to learn and grow.

In the second week, I was put into the marketing department of the company where I need to work on digital marketing of the products and services that are been offered by the company. 

It’s not enough to know what others think about your company’s product. You need to experience it to understand it. I made it my mission to go and use our app to make a real purchase. It also allowed me to see what was not working well for me and might be a challenge to other users. Looking at the product with fresh eyes was something I could only do once, and only while I was still new, so I tried to do it as quickly as possible.After my first experience with the app, I sat with the product team and reviewed every page on the app to better understand possible use cases and share my feedback on the flow and the user experience. I would be suggesting also to use a tool called UXpressia to map out the user journey through multiple scenarios in order to understand where we might need to communicate with them and what tools we can use to do that.


The feeling you get when you work for a startup is rather hard to describe. In some respects, it’s a little like taking the red pill and getting ejected from the Matrix. Everything you do in a startup makes a difference. No longer are you surrounded by a safety blanket world where you’re a small cog in a large machine. In a startup, everything you do will contribute to the ultimate success or failure of the business.

Startups actually push you to identify and focus on what’s absolutely critical, forcing you to think more creatively about how you approach projects and create value. And best of all, you’ll often get to see results first-hand and share in the rewards and glory.

I unequivocally say I learned more in my first one month in a startup of my professional career. The reason for this is that everyone in a startup is expected to wear multiple hats. A startup forces you to adopt new skills and responsibilities to make up for the small-sized taking on the huge challenges of building an empire.

In startups, fast learning can also lead to increased responsibility and multiple opportunities to both utilize and accelerate talents and knowledge. All of this can translate into a powerful position in the business world and means you’ll have much more to offer as an individual, particularly when it comes time to move on or even start your own business.

One of the most rewarding things about startups is that you can find yourself working with a team that is highly passionate and enthusiastic. This can spark inspiration on every level, leading to truly innovative ideas and developments that can help the business stand out against competitors in the greater industry.

Being part of an entrepreneurial team is also a wonderful way to learn how to innovate. Entrepreneurs are great people to learn from — they identify a problem and need to find a new efficient way to solve it.

By: Shalendu Saurav

Business Analyst & IT Project Coordinator