Selenium web driver is also called selenium 2.0. selenium2.0 consists of Selenium IDE, Selenium RCS, selenium web driver plus selenium CRET

Also known as selenium 3 and came to market in the year 2016.

Selenium components are of 4 types: They are selenium IDS, selenium RCS, selenium web driver, Selenium grade.


Testing process:

The testing process is of 2 types: functional testing and non-functional testing.


In functional testing, we have manual & auto machine. In manual testing, We write only test cases and execute the test scenario and everything. In auto machine testing, the test cases in the manual day are called test cases and in an auto, machine are called test scripts, they can be written Selenium QTP, Win runners, RFT water. These are the functional testing what we do.


In non-functional testing, come under load runner, web load, and neo load. After this, these selenium supports various type of browser. This browser can be used to launch the web application and selenium supports various browsers for test automation.Test steps in test cases are common for all browsers. The browser drive varies only from one browser to another. Selenium supports browsers like Mozilla fire tool, Google chrome and internet explorer, opera, safari etc..


And now, coming to the support of the program languages, selenium supports various programming enrollment to write test scripts like program.., but how one can use any of these programming languages. Most of the selenium test are used in Java for Selenium. The programming language supported in the selenium: java, .net, c+, PHP, Pearl, etc.


When coming to these difference of selenium and qtp:


In selenium, there is nothing to buy, it is an open source store. And when coming to QTP features, its tools are very costly. Language supported in the selenium are Java Pearl, PHP, c++, HTML, Python.., In QTP features, it supports multiple browsers like Firefox, Google chrome, safari, opera, Etc.. QTP only supports WINDOWS, when coming to the OES program language they are windows, mac it will support for the selenium. In selenium, language is more flexible n extendable, and in writing,  it's very user-friendly. In QTP, it is also flexible but less extendable. Web application in selenium. We can use these tool for mobile app also. In QTP, it is only useful for desktop applications, mobile apps.


When coming to Selenium Components, it is majorly built one below on below components. selenium IDS that is nothing but integrated development. Selenium RC is a remote controller. selenium web driver and selenium create are used for android applications & OAS. Selenium is the Firefox browser plugin prototype, it is to record & run the script. It is mainly used to find locator value of the developer where we can get the locator value like IDG, CSS. Etc..

Selenium IDE is used to create and execute the test cases using Mozilla Firefox browser and test scripts using the elements locator using selenium command and selenium IDES.

A user can edit, update and delete the scripts in the test cases. Using the Selenium IDE we can create test cases and from the test path, we can export selenium IDE to other supported format like Java, etc. Selenium IDE test case default format, a negative format is default format is HTML format. A user can debug the test cases and can enter the comments in the test cases.


The disadvantage of the Selenium IDE:

As it In support only Mozilla Firefox and execute and run its cases. It does not support program to enhance the test case n not suitable for complex test designs, it does not support parameterization data driven system.

No centralized maintenance of elements objects, it does not generate detail test reports but generated test summary only but mainly IDE is only used to record n play and find out the developer locator value.