Purpose, difference and scope of AngularJS and ReactJS

Purpose, difference and scope of AngularJS and ReactJS

Purpose, difference and scope of AngularJS and ReactJS

With the use of Developers options given by AngularJS, a client can write their application. Its maintenance is done mainly by Google and few another group of individuals.

The design pattern which is now getting used by latest and modern web applications is based on MVC concept  i.e Model View Controller. AngularJs is made on this popular and famous concept. Various layers like data layer, presentation layer, and the business logic layer are divided It divides layers into various different segments or parts so that management of all these sections could be done more easily and effectively.

 All over the world hundreds and thousands of developers use AngularJS. It is used on websites like NBC, ABC News, Walgreens, Intel and much more thousands of websites.  with the help of AngularJS, one can build an effective and high-performance web application which is easy to use and maintain.



 Nowadays demand and popularity of ReactJS are getting much higher and higher.

 ReactJS is one of the latest open source JavaScript libraries which are used for building and maintaining user interfaces. Facebook, Instagram, and a group of individual developers are the developers of ReactJS and it is maintained by them. ReactJS is used by many famous websites like Netflix, Airbnb, Bleacher Report, Walmart and many others. With the help of ReactJS developers can create web applications which are dynamic in nature i.e which keeps on changing over time and the important thing is without even reloading the page. The main aim is to make it simple i.e easy to use, fast and scalable. 


  •  AngularJS is a full framework.It uses MVC design to write single page applications. while ReactJS is used for development of UI (user interface) components which are view(v) of MVC.
  • AngularJS has Two-way data binding but in ReactJS one-way data binding is there.
  • Real Domain is used in AngularJS which means they work with the real domain but ReactJS uses the virtual domain.
  • In AngularJS client side rendering is there but ReactJS server-side binding is there and it is one of the best attributes of it, which is very useful for high traffic websites.
  • AngularJS is best suitable for single page applications which update single view at a time While ReactJS is best suitable for Single page applications which update many views at a time.  


  • In comparison to AngularJS, ReactJs is quite faster because the virtual domain is used in it and you can't ignore it.
  • This makes ReactJs ahead of AngularJs for the future race but AngularJS is actively maintained by google and many things are going to happen for them in future also.
  • Everything has its pros and cons and so did these two have.
  • Both technologies are powerful, effective and efficient while none of them is worse or better than the other.
  • For writing single-page applications both of them AngularJS and React JS are great. 
  • But they are completely different instruments. Both offer complete different way of developing web application Some people like developers and programmer may say that AngularJS is better or ReactJS is better. 
  • But the reality is both are best and depending on the project one or both will be chosen for getting the better result.

At last, to sum up, both are best in their own ways.