I knew that Techstern is a software developer company and I was not aware of software but other than this, I was eager to learn more. 

One of the first things that I noticed about Techstern Solutions on my first day was the company culture. I was welcomed with a smile on everyone’s face, which made me more calm and removed my scruples and nervousness. Each employee was so friendly and ready to help each other without any kind of hesitation. 

As an intern, it felt great to gain digital marketing experience with this company and have the opportunity to work with such dedicated professional who is extremely talented in their field. 

I was explained about which is the product of Techstern solutions. In starting, my task was to handle promotion part of in the digital marketing world. Consistency is something that should be implemented into a full-time employee’s daily routine. And my motto as Interns was to able to handle multiple projects, work across several departments, and strive within a high-paced work environment which Techstern had provided me.

During my internship, I was given a task to make live with the help of my seniors I was able to do so which was my biggest achievement as I had never thought that I will get a chance to work on such live projects. Apart from it, I was trained that how to communicate with peoples in the corporate world, I found that there is a proper way communicating whether the personnel belongs to any level authority.

I had gained corporate world knowledge theoretically but my internship gave me practical knowledge with many small experiences which my books doesn't give me.The projects I worked on with Techstern started from prospecting new business over the phone and within Excel.

I came to be most partial on working with social networking sites in an aspect of marketing and gathering clients. Digital marketing is a base term for all of your online marketing efforts. The reality is, people, spend twice as much time online and the way people shop and buy has really changed, meaning offline marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be.

Besides my projects, I indebted being able to sit in company meetings. I was acknowledged how further decisions are taken to complete the project and decision taken to improve the company, how proper task allocations, time management, combine efforts are shown. A very unforgettable moment of my internship was ” Techstern’s 1st annual celebration”, which was a formal party where I was given a wonderful opportunity to host the whole event. I wonder how much nervous I was as it was the 1st time I was attending such corporate party..!! but my HR’s supportive and calm attitude build a positive sense of security in me and I was able to present myself properly in front my seniors, colleagues and managing directors. Having the chance to present formally was challenging, but great practice for the future.


With My supervisors and my colleagues, I was always empowered and confident to complete my assigned task. My perception of the corporate world has totally changed after joining Techstern as my summer internship. I am so glad that I had done my internship in the right place which suited in right track.

Well, I know my internship will end soon and I will be back to my college, but it will be less to prestige Techstern by a word thank you. I am pity sure that the good amount of knowledge, experience, and learning in an environment of corporate world which I had gained in my internship was not be gained by my batch mates in other organization.