Internet of Things to Internet of Learning

Internet of Things to Internet of Learning

Internet of Things to Internet of Learning

Analysts have been busy predicting the top technology trends. A lot of these technologies have already made their footprint into education and educators and learners have a lot of tools at their fingertips. One such technological revolution is Internet of things. Some institutions use it to save money or harness data while others use it for preparing students to be highly tech-literate. Shifting the focus on education to include the Internet of Things will mean a massive shift in understanding what education sector needs and the organization’s that benefit from this revolution will be the creative minds that can create practical, reasonable products the teachers, students, and administrators can get behind.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will affect the education industry in the following ways:

The learning process becomes fast and efficient

Now students can utilize technology to prepare for their next quiz or test in minutes.  Software creates questions and answers from the content supplied by the student in a matter of minutes. Or like I am a note taker. I highlight, make margin notes, and like to create note cards.By using digital highlighters It can be shortened the process. This digital highlighter wirelessly transfers printed text into an application or web browser.

Teachers will be able to do their job more efficiently.

Teachers often work hard. With the help of IOT platforms, they can do their jobs more effectively. From designing the curriculum to teaching, to grading papers and communicating with parents, technology will help. With the help of technology, a teacher can analyze the learning pattern followed by the students and provide personalized approach to teaching

Interactive Learning

Interactive learning actively engages the students in wrestling with the material. It reinvigorates the classroom for both students and faculty. Lectures are changed into discussions, and students and teachers become partners in the journey of knowledge acquisition. We need to embrace technology to make learning more engaging. Because when students are engaged and they are interested, that’s where learning takes place.

Learners in this internet age don’t need more information. The information already exists, What they need to know how to efficiently and effectively use the massive amount of information available at their fingertips – to determine what’s credible, what’s relevant, and when it's useful.