How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Organizations Align Marketing and Sales Teams

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Organizations Align Marketing and Sales Teams

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Organizations Align Marketing and Sales Teams

According to InsideView, among the top challenges to align sales and marketing are “communication” (49%), followed by “flawed and broken processes” (43%), and “sales and marketing measured by different metrics” (40%). There are new ways and new tools to help managers foster the collaboration between their two important departments. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play.

Applying Artificial Intelligence can help connect marketing and sales into a cohesive unit while significantly transforming business outcomes. Leveraging intelligent tools can empower teams to use this data and apply valuable knowledge to devise exceptional customer experiences. The right data and insights are key to a successful alignment of marketing and sales teams. By bridging the gap between these key departments, AI-powered tools allow organizations to reach prospects and customers at the right time, define the best audience for every campaign, craft data-baked strategies and deliver the perfect and most relevant customer experiences.

In addition to bridging the data and communication gaps between marketing and sales departments, ever-advancing AI technology allows organizations to connect customer insights to differentiate the buying process, provide streamlined and more consistent omnichannel customer experiences. AI tools also help to take the most out of all available communication channels to reduce time to market and meet customers in the most relevant channels which allows for taking control of the complete customer journey.

An intelligent CRM solution is a goldmine for the whole organization since it enables businesses to effectively handle the entire customer journey, starting from the automated marketing processes to sales and service interactions. Such solutions are capable of bridging the gap between marketing, sales and service, which empowers extensive collaboration opportunities and allows for sharing of critical customer data and analytics between departments instantly.

In today’s fast-paced digital environment where customers have unlimited access and are well-informed about your brand and products, marketing and sales departments can no longer stick to their siloed mentality since both departments have identical objectives: generating and converting leads. Combining machine learning with human input can help streamline the collaboration between marketing and sales. Utilizing AI-powered tools can enable marketing and sales professionals to have more fruitful collaboration and better data sharing in order to cultivate a culture of honesty and transparency.

Taking advantage of intelligent CRM solutions with machine learning capabilities, businesses can effectively orchestrate core business processes, developing customer-centric strategies based on smarter and better quality customer data that is instantly shared across key departments. Synchronizing marketing and sales teams ensures an increased number of deals won, helps to deliver more personalized customer experiences as well as enables businesses to build a more trustworthy and transparent relationship between marketing and sales pros.