Overview of Azure Event Hubs


Microsoft Azure Event Hub is managing single-tenant deployment for the demanding customers where they offering power Halo 5 on Xbox One, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Office client application telemetry pipeline.

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Organizations Align Marketing and Sales Teams


The strong bond between marketing and sales remains one of the most highly valued asset of high-performing companies. According to the Forrester report, companies with aligned departments enjoyed a 38% higher sales win rate and become 67% better at closing deals. Despite of this fact, silo effect between marketing and sales department still exists remaining one of the significant challenges for companies.

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Yarn- A new package manager for JavaScript


In the JavaScript community, engineers share hundreds of thousands of pieces of code so we can avoid rewriting basic components, libraries, or frameworks of our own. Each piece of code may, in turn, depend on other pieces of code, and these dependencies are managed by package managers.

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3 Easy and Effective strategies for successful customer engagement


Customer engagement is a vital part of boosting sales, increase in membership as well as satisfying both customers and prospects. It doesn’t have to be complex, just thoughtful and complete. While successful customer engagement, it requires a multi-level strategy.

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Fundamentals of Digital Transformation- Embracing Speed and Agility


In the era of the digitally native customer and ever-shifting landscape, digital transformation has become one of the most viable strategies to accelerate business activities, processes, business growth and to fully leverage the available opportunities through new technology.

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Documentation on Windows Azure virtual Machines (IAAS for windows microsoft)


Azure Virtual Machines (VM) is one of the several types of on-demand, scalable computing resources that Azure offers.

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Purpose, difference and scope of AngularJS and ReactJS


AngularJS: It is a very popular web framework. It is an open source front end JavaScript based framework for developing various mobile applications like windows, ios and android.

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Microsoft Hyper-V technology- An alternative to autoscale tools


Virtualization technologies have become a part of our life. Surprisingly, not many people are familiar with them.

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Microsoft Azure Container Services


Containers are basically abstraction at the app layer that packages code and dependencies together.Containers run on the same machine(physical or virtual) and share same OS(Kernel) with the others containers.

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How to upload a blob to azure storage by REST API


Microsoft Azure (Saas), Public cloud(third-party) is a growing collection of integrated cloud services which developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage applications through our global network of data centers.

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