10 reasons to use Angular JS technology for your business development

10 reasons to use Angular JS technology for your business development

10 reasons to use Angular JS technology for your business development

In this blog, we covered 10 reasons that can help users to get an idea why AngularJs is in trend and it is benefits for business development.

1.      Solid community and less coding: Angular Js is open source, completely free, and used by thousands of the developer around the world. It is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0. You can hire angularJs developer or contract a Development company to sort out the issue for your web application.

Whereas, the developer need to spend less time in the coding process and do not need any getter/setter function as well. The data model is simple with using HTML for the view to make it more specific and the code pattern is easy to work with the proper end result.


2.      Time-saving and ready-made advantages: AngularJs is a faster development where it is run on all the web browsers and smartphones including Android and iPhones. It provides more functionalities with reducing the line of code.

As an angularJs keeps the ready-made services with lots of variety that make the task easy for the coder to get the task complete within the time.


3.      Permission of deep linking: AngularJs permits the deep linking with such feature to allow to encode the state of an application in the URL so that it can be bookmarked.It takes you to a particular model or section of a web page and passes on the URL to other that turn directly to the section.


4.      Effective Data Binding: Most templating bind only one direction data system whereas the angularJs provide the facility of a two-way data binding feature.  Means, any changes to the model are immediately reflected in the view, and when any changes in the view are automatically updated to the model as well. The result can be when the framework is faced with browser events, module changes and under control on the page, it automatically updates the requisite patterns.


5.      Use of POJO Data Model: Data model in angularJs are plain old Javascript objects(POJO) meaning you can add and change direction and can also loop over the objects as well. This makes your code easy to test, maintain and simple that every developer can understand.


6.      Well MVC Pattern: MVC is a design pattern for dividing an application into different parts called Model, View, and Controller, each part have different responsibilities. This division creates a solid foundation to architect your application. The model is referred to the data, controller defines behavior, and the view handles the layout and the handling off interaction to the controller to respond accordingly.


7.      Injectable and Testable: The dependency injection in AngularJs helps the developer by making the application easier to develop, understand and test. This dependency injection helps you a lot from a burden and server backend, which is a plus for your app as it makes it faster and smooth to work.

Because AngularJs separates logic from the view layer, it keeps controllers easy to test.

Automation testing frameworks help you improve the quality, speed, accuracy and save your time.


8.      Provides full User Interface support: For defining app’s UI AngularJs uses HTML which has a feature of the intuitive user interface that is solid unlike other interfaces are written in Javascript. Also, HTML allows you to declare which controllers should be employed for specific UI element so that you can more focus on the design and usage of the application.


9.      Filter Option: Filter option in AngularJs can be utilized in controllers, services, templates and even directives. These are also basically concerned with data transformation. In angularJs, filter option is so resourceful that it is possible to create a sortable HTML table using only filters without writing any Javascript.


10.  Aesthetic User Experience: Apart from the technical reasons, angularJs works best in designing and more visually appealing for the audience. The user interfaces are created to make the UI terrific and accomplish the objectives of making the application aesthetically more appealing.  It develops the quality user interface that provides excellent user experience and is highly recommendable.


It is a recommendable technology of the modern day one-page website. If you want to speed-up your development process, try to use an innovative feature of AngularJs to have a better user experience for your web application. Save time and many with better technology