About Company


Techstern is the leading ISO 9001:2015 certified IT firm with a serious passion for providing value for money quality services to each and every client. As an industry leader, we specialize in website design and development, e-commerce website design, mobile & web application development and graphic design. With the mission of leading, our clients to success our strategic and aim oriented solutions enable our customers to stay ahead of the competition in the ever-changing digital landscape.

We're enthusiastic about what we do. We want to persistently improve. We want to continually surprise and delight our clients. We want to accomplish significant success for them. We need to understand their businesses and what works for them.

Techstern has a world-class team who are all experts in their fields. We have individual teams each dedicated to their unique discipline. Our designers and developers team all possess specialist knowledge which means they can provide the very best quality, most up to date work.

Techstern newest developments include the innovative technology services from ideation to execution, enabling Global clients to outperform the competition. Our adaptable specialists have vast experience and an eagerness for knowledge which ensures our customers are never left behind.

We understand the importance of consistent service and support and pride ourselves on developing and maintaining customer relationships. We connect with our customers through latest technology that makes the teamwork and management easy and ensures timeliness and accurateness of the deliverables.

What really makes Techstern unique is the reality that we’ve been able to help the companies we serve to grow their sales, recover their public profile, and even magnetize better employees. The websites we have built generated more than 10 million visits and counting, transforming various small and medium-sized businesses along the way.

That doesn’t come from being mastering the right piece of software - it happens because we are as zealous about generating revenue for your business as we are being artistic geniuses.

Clients love us because we love working for them and because we get outcome. We’re not a design firm fanatical with cutting-edge graphics, and we aren’t a group of small thinkers who can’t wait to try the latest gadgets with endless lines of code. Technology is immense, but it’s important to remember that at the other end of your website is an actual person. At Techstern we focus on getting to know that person, and your business, to produce astonishing results.

We know you'll love working with us. We deliver consumer experiences that bring together artistic thinking, smart ideas and rising technologies to drive our clients' businesses.

As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified entitles an organization with a solution to the success of creating extremely re-usable, scalable and strong technologies. We know that without the aptitude to work with the latest software and perform in the technical marketplace our importance is diminished, and so we keep at the top of the curve in our technical knowledge.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to perpetually/constantly innovate our Services and Solutions which adds values to our Clients and their customers. We work with Entrepreneurs and deliver quality results that meets business objectives. To achieve our Objectives in an Environment of complete fairness, honesty, courtesy, value and innovation towards our Clients, Partners as well as Employees.

We strive to increase the value of our clients’ businesses by enabling informed decision making through technological and management interventions, to be the technology fabric of companies by providing them end-to-end support to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment. When we take on any project, we take the conservancy of the project with you.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a globally respected organisation also one of the leading outsourcing hubs in India in the field of IT and Enterprise Solutions, leveraging technology, delivered by Technology experts. We at Techstern, want to lead in the service areas and become the backbone of success for our clients. Our management aspires to build an organization that would outlast our lives with a strong inclination towards innovation and creativity driven by values.

We contribute to create and bring an excellence in IT world in order to provide innovative services to our valuable clients through research based technology. We keep an eye on the quality of our services and solutions for our clients as we are committed towards building lasting partnerships with our clients by ensuring satisfaction and success.