7 Things you should know about website UI and UX:

The things that separate an exceptional website design from the content it exhibits are the factors that contribute towards smooth navigation between pages and the type of theme incorporated for its looks and presence. User Interface is the term associated when we talk about the looks and presence of options on the website. What is delivered through a phenomenal user interface is known as user experience. User experience can be explained further as an experience that showcases customer delight and ensures you keep coming back to this website as a priority amongst others. In a nutshell, UI and UX are two different wagons of the same train called website. And, this blog will talk about why we need those two wagons for moving our website from a mere address to an exceptional showpiece of information further bagging conversions.

10 PHP Frameworks for Web Application Development

PHP is basically used for the web developing a based application which can create dynamic page content. PHP frameworks have been receiving a lot of attention in past few years from the web development community. A good PHP framework helps the developer to develop a web application with quickly and more simplicity.

JavaScript: Language of the cloud

A decade in the software industry is like a century in other fields. Browsers are no longer dumb terminals, and JavaScript has emerged as a tool for building cross-platform apps. Expensive and bloated Java application servers declined in popularity years ago. Node has emerged as a platform for server-side JavaScript. Escalation of cloud platform APIs gave rise to the idea that an app does not actually need a complex server back end. It is now possible that apps may exist entirely in the browser and use cloud APIs. If needed, the same developer working on the app can build the server backend using Node.

10 reasons to use Angular JS technology for your business development

Angular JS is a relatively new javascript framework with dynamic web application technology. It is a next generation framework where each tool was designed to work with every other tool is an interconnected way. A few years back, the trend of modern style website on a single page came up. Now, this trend has been developed with a better technology which name is angularJs.


selenium is an open source software which is used for testing. It was launched in 2004. In 2006, selenium web driver was launched with the COBOL. In 2008, the whole selenium team decided to meet the selenium web driver with selenium RCS to make a powerful tool known as selenium 2.0. selenium 1.0 consists of Selenium IDE, Selenium RDS n selenium CRET. Selenium web driver is also called selenium 2.0. selenium2.0 consists of Selenium IDE, Selenium RCS, selenium web driver plus selenium CRET Also known as selenium 3 and came to market in the year 2016.

How to create queue in Azure?

Microsoft Azure Windows Storage offers 1. Scalable and Durable storage 2. Blobs 3. Tables 4. Queues

Azure load balancer overview

Azure Load Banalcer is(TCP/UDP) load balancer which provides high availability by distributing incoming traffic among healthy Virtual Machines.There is provision of a load balancer health probe to monitor a given port on each VM and distribute traffic to an operational Virtual Machines.A front-end IP configuration that contains one or more public IP addresses. This front-end IP configuration allows the load balancer and applications to be accessible over the Internet.

Techstern Solutions to celebrate 'World Environment Day' with interesting initiatives

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Techstern Solutions announced the celebration with some eco-friendly initiatives. The company will start its day by switching off the lights for three hours and ensure that the air conditioning was at an environment-friendly 24 degrees centigrade.


Internship opportunities are essential for any college student in their professional career. My name is Monika Agarwal, Department of IT, XAVIER INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SERVICE, Ranchi. For the last 2 months, I am working as a Trainee in TECHSTERN SOLUTIONS- a software developer company. To be honest, I did not know what to expect going into my internship. I knew that Techstern is a software developer company and I was not aware of software but other than this, I was eager to learn more.

My experience as an Intern at Techstern Solutions.

For any college student, doing an internship is a great opportunity that one has in his or her professional career. I am Ashwika Agarwal, Department of Information Technology from Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi working as a trainee in the field of software development and digital marketing. For the last two months, I am working on E-commerce website-, a product of Techstern Solutions.To work on a live project is really a good field to work upon and to grab knowledge at vast.

What I’ve Learned From My First Month at a Startup

One month into the fast pace of startup life and having done more than I thought was even possible in such a short period of time, I wanted to share my experiences and everything that I’ve learned in my first month at a startup. (In order to better understand the story, you might need some context: Techstern Solutions is an Indian IT company based in Ranchi which deals with Web Development, Web Application, Web Maintenance, and Application development.

Removing Port Number From Domain

What is actually this port number is and why we need to remove port number from the domain, to understand this first try to understand what is a port number?

Azure Cloud Service

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services which developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage applications through our global network of data centers. With Azure, you get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice.

Digital Transformation

We don't have to go fa, simply we are living in a modern society of mini-tech digital world. So, let's take Smartphone’s grip with the latest technologies where almost everything can be handled by every individual through easily accessing to mini tech gadgets at a very affordable price range.

Culture of Communication in a Company

A mixture of Formal and Informal Source

Marketing Automation

In this technical and digital marketing world, businesses are evolving at rapid speed and customers are asking for online services such as digital wallet system etc. Hence, it has become important for CIOs, CEOs and marketers to work in a different way so that they can control and manage their businesses according to web based, automatic tools or digital marketing.

Technology Strategy

Technology strategy or the Information technology strategy includes principals, objectives and strategies used within a particular company. Such strategy mainly focuses on technologies. In some cases, people who manage such technologies directly by themselves may do not know the company technical decision behavior or many be documented.

Build Application with Angular JS

Why should anyone prefer building Mobile Applications with Angular JS?

ERP Software for Non-Profit Organization

How ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software will be helpful for Non-Profit Organization

Why Developers should choose Angular 2 over Angular 1?

A framework supports the developer to reduce their workload. Over the years a lot of frameworks have been evolved out of which there was a moderate framework which has very less functionality and high-end frameworks that support most of the functionality.

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